Our Services

Sea Breeze Cleaners provide services to clean your professional or personal garments with eco-friendly solvent approved by Environmental Protection Agency(EPA). No odor on your garments and fabrics will extra soft on your skin. We are equipped with the leading industry machines from Italy and Japan to give you the consistent top quality appearance.

Extra bright white & fresh smell of dress shirts have many return clients happy for many years. We offer customize services like starch and folded garments. Furthermore, clients can expect the true deep cleaning quality from the industrial equipment & products that Sea Breeze Cleaners use. The manchine calculates the temperature of the water and decides which products to treat the stains depending on 25 preselected programs that we have to deliver the best quality.

Methods of professional cleaning that, in contrast to traditional dry cleaning, avoid the use of chemical solvents.

Special occasions or people may require more professional and sharp looks. Clients can enjoy to alteration service to fit the garment like a glove and achieve that desirable look that you see on certain people. Depending on the job, you may come in for a measuring and fitting session and expect to be done in 2 to 3 days. we also offer next day service.

Imagine all the micro-organisms that are living on your household items. If you are looking for a way to sanitize and clean all your curtains, bed spread, comforters, cushions, etc, then bring them to Sea Breeze Cleaners and have them clean to secure your family's good health.

Our company specializes in wedding dress cleaning & preservation to keep your symbol of new beginning of a marriage professionally. It is important to keep your bridal dress white & bright as you first wear it and preserve it for a long time to keep your memory fresh for generations to come.